VRX Labs Core Values – ACE ™ In a Nutshell


Getting it right is our most important task.

VRX Labs will maintain the highest standards of certification for its facilities and personnel.

We will purchase and operate the most advanced equipment available, and continuously update and upgrade to remain a leader in the field.

Where there is talent, we will recruit it.

When better technology appears, we will acquire it.

When new quality guidelines emerge, we will embrace them.


Trustworthy results protect cannabis growers, producers, retailers and consumers alike.

VRX Labs will develop, implement, and continuously improve procedures and protocols to achieve the highest test reproducibility. Our facilities are designed to be modular, operating in the same way regardless of time, location, or staffing.

We will strive to optimize processes until no guesswork, rule-of-thumb or wiggle room remains.


Faster testing times prolong cannabis products effective shelf-life and reduce costs for producers and consumers.

Agricultural products such as cannabis degrade over time. Efficient testing at VRX Labs allows for safe products to reach retail shelves sooner, reducing waste and prices. When a product batch needs to be remedied prior to sale, rapid turnaround time helps to mitigate potential losses, further reducing overall costs.

We will seek to reduce turnaround time from sample pick-up to results release and address potential delays as process improvement opportunities.

VRX Labs Objectives:

  • To design and operate state-of-the-art laboratories utilizing streamlined processes and employing a highly qualified and trained workforce.
  • To build a network of such labs in select communities across the State of California serving growers, producers, retailers, and consumers.
  • To expand and adapt our lab design to other states where cannabis is legal.
  • To become a leader in workforce training in the cannabis testing field.
  • To collaborate with equipment manufacturers to develop cannabis-specific testing equipment.
  • To invest in the science of cannabis testing and collaborate with forward-thinking academic institutions.