A graduate with two Bachelors of Science degrees from the University of Alberta, Canada, and a Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, Charles M.R. Vethan is a founder and the Chief Executive Officer of VRX Labs. Charles brings over twenty years’ experience as corporate and intellectual property litigator, representing partners, shareholders and board of directors preserve control and builds value in companies throughout California and Texas, and experience as a banker in one of North America’s largest banks, evaluating new ventures and structuring start-up entities in the Oil Sands of Alberta, Canada.  Charles brings a focused vision to expand VRX Labs’ footprint throughout California, the Northeast United States, Canada, and Latin America. 

Charles’ stated mission is to determine the direction of a new American Industry rather than allow the industry to choose the path of least resistance.  VRX Labs’ motto of “Accurate Consistent Efficient (ACE) testing,” is more than a motto.  It is the basis on which the company operates, at every level.  With a successful international capital raise, Charles and the management team at VRX Labs on-boarded the best assets in the industry – its people – to realize this goal.  

An idea to provide safe consumable products in a new American industry has now become a reality, and Charles is leading VRX Labs into new markets, and new deliverables, with VRX Labs achieving milestones every step of the way.