As the Chief Operating Officer of VRX Labs, Hung Ha has always had a strong sales and entrepreneurial streak.  With selling technical products before his 16th birthday, he worked for technical market leaders, and soon was one of the youngest people to ever lead a technical sales group.  Hung’s first startup was in telecommunications and IT deliverables, providing fortune 500 customers with technical support, development of corporate infrastructures, and telecommunications services.  Hung and his wife have also established an impressive network of over 30 dental offices in Dallas, providing both concierge and urgent services to the citizens of that city.

As COO of VRX Labs, Hung has been uncompromising in establishing strict procedures for all sales, administration, and marketing employees to realize the vision and mission of VRX Labs.  Many of VRX Labs customers already know that Hung runs a tight ship at VRX Labs, but may not know that his strong business drive is coupled with his faith to serve those who are unable to fend for themselves.  Hung and his wife have quietly marshalled resources to aid victims of hurricane Harvey, delivering care packages and supplies to those most drastically affected areas across southeast Texas.

As part of the executive team, Hung now brings his talents and technical expertise to VRX Labs to take the cannabis world head on, and carry the vision of VRX Labs into a new level.