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Who We Are and Why It Matters

VRX Labs was founded by physicians, scientists, and business people committed to accurate, consistent and efficient cannabis testing services. VRX Labs maintains offices in Long Beach and Willits, California, and has plans to further expand to additional locations in California. Future growth also includes expansion to other cannabis-legal states by applying proprietary lab designs, methodology and processes to ensure consistent quality testing at each new location. We designed our lab model to be scalable by intent, which will allow us to quickly expand our footprint in the cannabis testing space without compromising quality or efficiency.

VRX Labs Vision and Mission

VRX Labs is fully committed to developing a network of top quality, scientifically sound, industry independent, cannabis product testing laboratories. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment, employ highly qualified scientists and professionals, and aim to provide Accurate, Consistent, and Efficient (ACE) results to accurately describe product quality and thereby enhance consumer safety. Click button below to learn more about ACE.